To be eligible to compete you must be:

1) An incorporated entity currently operating in a clean tech sector from British Columbia

2) The intellectual property holder of the technology your company will be pitching. (No re-sellers or distributors please)

Competition Structure & Information

The competition will be made of two rounds:

  • Preliminary pre-qualifying round for up to 40 companies
  • Championship round for 6 finalist companies

Registered companies MUST stay for the entire duration of the championship. 

You will be provided with:

  • a 30" round, 42" high pedestal table in order to display your business materials
  • a sign with your company name to be hung at your booth
  • 2 high top chairs
  • access to one electricity plug (must provide your own extension cord)


This event is about showcasing new and innovative clean technologies from across the region. We encourage all participating companies to be creative in how they want to promote their technologies, however to standardize the judging process each company will need to abide by the following rules:

  1. Each company may have up to 2 people pitching during this competition.
  2. Only items placed on the round‐top pedestal table will be considered for the purpose of the judging.
  3. Each company may set up ONE pop‐up banner or a poster on an easel behind their booth. You may however decide to dress up the rest of your space if you so choose but it will NOT be considered for the purpose of the competition.
  4. Companies are allowed (and encouraged) to put out marketing material for the public to learn more about your technology.
  5. Each company is responsible for any and all items that they wish to set‐up.
  6. There will be many visitors attending the event. If you see a judging team (identified by their blue judges ribbon badge), please quickly wrap up your conversation and begin your pitch with the judges.
  7. Your booth MUST be manned by at least one person at all times between 10 am ‐ 4 pm. Failure to do so will mean automatic disqualification.